379,95 $

Take it everywhere. Communicate from anywhere.


Turn your cell phone into a satellite communication device. Anywhere you have a view of the sky, you can communicate with the Bivy Stick.

Two-way text messaging, One-touch unlimited free Chekin,  SOS, location tracking and sharing, detailed weather reports are sent straight to your cell phone from space via the Iridium satellite network.


  • 2-WAY TEXT SATELLITE COMMUNICATION: Able to send text messages to phone numbers or email addresses.
  • LOCATION SHARING & TRACKING: Keep your loved ones up-to-date on your progress or share a single location when you reach camp.
  • CHECK-IN BUTTON: Check in button on the device sends unlimited free preset messages and your location without using your phone.
  • 100% GLOBAL SATELLITE COVERAGE: Works anywhere you can see the sky.
  • SOS COMMUNICATION ON THE APP & ON THE DEVICE:  The dedicated SOS button on the device is protected from accidental use. Emergency service provided by Global Rescue. In Quebec you can set up Airmedic if you are an Airmedic member
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL GOPRO® MOUNTS: Secure your Stick to your vehicle, pack, bike, or anything else you have in mind using the GoPro ® mounting system.*

How do credits work?

Each credit is one action of the Bivy Stick.
If you go over your monthly credit limit, even way off-the-grid, you can still use your Bivy Stick. You will simply be charged an overage charge for each additional credit used.

1 Credit Each
1 message sent or received
1 standard weather report
1 location share

Preset Check-In Messages
Always Free and Unlimited with a plan subscription

Tracking Interval
Credits Per Min
2 min
1 credit per 12 min
5 min
1 credit per 30 min
10 min [Default]
1 credit per 1 hr
30 min
1 credit per 3 hrs
60 min
1 credit per 6 hrs

Terms & Conditions

*No Deactivations in the first 4 Months.
  • 39.99 $ CAD activation fee applies when activating..
  • After the initial 3 month commitment, plans can be changed or deactivated online any time.
  • Deactivating a plan will result in losing any rollover credits accrued in the account.
  • Deactivating your plan will result in losing the phone number assigned to the Bivy Stick. A new number will be assigned when you reactivate. No additional fees for reactivation.
  • After the initial 3 month commitment, plans automatically renew on a monthly basis until the plan is deactivated.
  • SOS messages are included and do not decrement from your plan.

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