Iridium Post-Paid Plans

Iridium Post Paid Plans

SKNA Solutions Telecom offers customized plans tailored to your needs. Unlimited incoming calls, a Canadian number, minutes sharing plans, and more …

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Iridium Post-Paid Plans advantages :

  • Canadian number (a real Canadian number, this is what your contact will see on their display, this is the number that can be used to reach you on your satellite phone by voice or text)
  • Your customers can reach you easily: No more double composition, no more text messages through the Iridium website.
    When your customers call you,  take the time to talk to them without thinking about the cost of the call, your package can  include unlimited incoming calls.
  • A credit on your use whether it’s minutes or texting
  • Suspend your package for the time you do not use it: Even with a contract you can suspend your package for the time you do not use it. (A suspension fee is applicable $ 9.00 / month, which also allows you to always keep the same phone number)
  • A reusable SIM card: same SIM card each time you are reactivated. This allows us to react quickly to respond to last-minute activations.


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